The Tholian Network Charter

The Community Ideals and Values of the Tholian Network

The Tholian Charter reflects the Ideals and Values of the Community behind the Tholian Network.

Those who do not abide by the rules manifested in the Tholian Charter may be warned, banned or even permanently excluded from the Tholian Network.

1. Be correct; we do not tolerate deceit.

We do not tolerate deception of any kind. Malicious actors that abuse the power of Knowledge to harm or manipulate others for their own advantage will not be tolerated.

We value honesty and kindness, and we unite against corruption and deception.

2. Be respectful.

We are a community diverse of ethnicity, race, religion and gender but united in solidarity as a species.

It does not matter who or what you are, we treat each other with respect and tolerance. Be respectful to each other in opinions and welcome your counterpart in the challenge of debates.

We as a community also embrace the Convention on Human Rights of the European Union as a fundamental guideline on how to interact with each other.

3. Be curious.

We embrace curiosity and knowledge. There are no stupid questions, only stupid answers. We encourage those who seek out for knowledge.

We listen with curiosity, we speak with honesty and we act with integrity.

4. Be compassionate.

We embrace love and respect over hate and despair.

When we see someone do a good deed, we support them with joy and delight. When we see someone unfortunate, we support them with dignity to recover good fortune.

When someone comes to do us harm, we will encounter them with forgiveness and we will not harbor thoughts of revenge.

5. Be contributive.

We embrace to share Knowledge and we help those in need of access to it, while contributing our computational resources to the network.

We acknowledge the personal right of Privacy, and we help those in dire need of protection. We only share private information about a person with mutual consent.

6. Embrace rationality.

We embrace reasoning based on rationality and therefore realize the potential of abusive appeals to emotions for manipulative goals.

We do not tolerate deception, which includes an appeal to emotions without providing the necessary facts as evidence.

We counteract anger and its potential as a thought infiltration technique with compassion and rationality.

7. Require evidence.

We reason based on evidence. If there's a claim for right or wrong, traceable and verifyable evidence is necessary to provide in a debate.

The mutually agreed state of Knowledge and potential controversities can be challenged, but requires evidence. Without evidence, there can be no claim.