Digital Sovereignity and Protection from Cyber Attacks

Automated Cyber Security for Infrastructures, Networks and connected Systems

Digital Sovereignity

Autonomous Cyber Defense

We believe that secured infrastructures are the backbone of our connected societies. Every society has the right to defend themselves against malicious actors that wish them harm.

In the golden age of cyber threats and cyber attacks, we serve our customers through intelligent and automated products to enable and protect their digital sovereignity without compromise.

Automated Endpoint Security

Zero Maintenance, Full Autonomy

From small businesses to massive enterprises, our Products support any mission, and any industry. The Tholian Network autonomously audits, monitors and protects all your online assets across your ecosystem.

Every system in the Tholian Network acts completely autonomous, without any slow human decision making in the process. No overcomplicated configuration options, no book-sized manuals, and more importantly, no more time wasted on integrations and management of incident response decisions that are based on unreliable data enrichment platforms.

Focus on the things that matter to your business, and stop wasting time on overcomplicated cyber security processes.

Automated Network Security

Protect the Internet of Things

No matter if your systems are running in the cloud, at your hosting provider or on-premise; the Tholian Network is a peer-to-peer solution that's independent of the network architecture.

In the Tholian Network, all connected devices communicate discovered cyber threats with each other. All devices in the Tholian Network observe and monitor the network for ongoing cyber attacks, and learn to adapt to defend against new forms of exploits that were previously unknown to the system.

Each observed cyber attack leads to a stronger defense of the Tholian Network.

Automated Incident Response

Better than SIEM, Better than SOAR

Most SIEM and SOAR solutions still rely on faulty information, error-prone datasets and long and enduring manual analyst work in order to be more failsafe.

In the Tholian Network, all connected devices are peer-to-peer and exchange working mitigation strategies with each other. Tholian Oversight helps each of our customers to make the best decisions; based on experience and learnings from the real world and previous cyber attacks. Successful strategies are remembered, so continous attacks on different parts of the same vulnerable infrastructure can be defended against.

Automated Security Compliance

Repeating Full Security Audits

In every digital business the systems and software landscape changes almost on a daily basis. Security audits and certification processes on the other hand are a long and enduring process that's completed within months or even years.

In the Tholian Network, every connected system is fully audited, every day. This ensures the highest security standards and protective measurements for our customers; without them needing to do anything.

Daily Compliance Report

Automated Bill of Materials

Repeating Auto-Generated BOM Reports

Tracing dependencies of your software business can be hard. Most systems are configured a single time and then kept going for years on end, in fear of breaking their compatibility.

The Tholian Network includes automated daily generations of SBOMs, HBOMs, NBOMs, and SaaSBOMs. These are especially useful when systems are outdated, need to be updated or migrated to newer alternatives.

Automated System Maintenance

One-Click Update Mitigation Strategies

System administrators are constantly overwhelmed by the complexity of rolling out updates from external sources. Software dependencies change over time, such as the amount of risks involved in doing an update of a system.

In the Tholian Network, automated one-click update mitigation strategies allow to maintain the systems autonomously when vulnerabilities are discovered down the dependency tree of your networked services or installed software packages.

Automated Cyber Threat Intelligence

Observe Social Media for upcoming Threats

We built a peer-to-peer Browser Network that's able to observe Social Media campaigns against your infrastructure. We observe both public and private Social Media platforms and forums for ongoing Cyber Threats and zero-days that are not yet disclosed.

This allows our customers to be prepared for upcoming Threats, and to prepare against upcoming coordinated cyber attacks against their digital sovereignity.

Tholian's Cyber Defense Products

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