Tholian Stealth

Stealth is the automateable Web Browser for the Web of Knowledge.

Stealth is an automateable Web Browser that focusses on increased Privacy, increased Automation, adaptive Semantic Understanding and efficient Bandwidth Usage, no matter the cost.

Stealth's Design Goals try to embrace the Automation of User Interaction wherever possible, so that users can focus on the important tasks while their Web Browser helps them to automate repetitive tasks that would consume time unnecessarily. As everything is on the Web, everything can be automated.

Its unique concept allows to automate and share Beacones (Site Adapters) and Echoes (Site Workflows) with other local Peers in the same Network - or global Peers connected to Radar, so that once a User automated a workflow for a specific Website others can simply reuse it, modify it or share it with their trusted Peers.

Stealth is currently in the Pulic Alpha Stage and available under a Dual Licensing Model.

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Tholian Radar

Radar is the Knowledge Tracker for the Web of Knowledge.

Radar is a peer-to-peer Knowledge Tracker that allows to learn from a Network of connected Stealth Browsers, while helping its Users to discover Knowledge, related Articles, the History of Changes, Author Biases or more advanced Automation Features.

It integrates nicely with Beacons (Site Adapters) to automate the extraction of Knowledge, and Echoes (Site Workflows) to automate User Interactions with websites in a programmable, repeatable and scheduled manner.

Users that connect to our Radar instances need to respect our Terms of Service and the Tholian Charter.

Radar is currently in the Prototype Stage and not yet disclosed to the public.

Tholian Recon

Recon is modern Network Forensics and Intrusion Detection for the Web of Knowledge.

Recon is a Network Forensics App that acts both passive and active inside a Network, and tries to analyze observed Network Traffic incrementally to gain Intelligence about malicious actors or potentially vulnerable Targets.

Its Classifiers use AI techniques to have the capability to identify Network Traffic and to generate crafted payloads to scan remote services for vulnerable behaviours; while trying to show a list of related CVEs that the vulnerable Target should be checked against.

Recon is currently in the Prototype Stage and not yet disclosed to the public.