Tholian Network

The Web of Knowledge

We build an accessible and automateable Web of Knowledge that will help its users to extract, learn and understand the Semantic Knowledge our Web already contains.

Our mission is to improve access to Knowledge for generations to come. Together, in a decentralized, peer-to-peer and uncensorable manner.

Sounds interesting? You are always invited to join the discussion in our public Tholian Beta channel on telegram!

We uncover the Web

Stealth, our Open Source Web Browser/Scraper/Proxy, is built from scratch and allows to browse the Semantic Web and to optimize Sites for the extraction of Knowledge while ensuring a maximum amount of Privacy and Security.

Its unique concept allows it to run in a headless manner on Servers, Desktop Computers, Mobile Devices and on Embedded Computers - while allowing to share its Internet Connection and Cache efficiently among all trusted Peers in the local (or global) Network.

The User Interface is built with Automation in mind, therefore focussing on the creation and integration of Beacons and Echoes.

We extract the Web

Stealth's and Radar's Beacons allow to transform Sites into readable and consumable content.

The idea behind Beacons is that they allow to automate the process of creating Adapters so that the statistical model behind a Site can be used as training data for neural networks, allowing to auto-label similar Sites in an automated manner.

Once the necessary threshold for peer-to-peer training data is reached, most Sites with similar designs and layouts can be processed in a fully automated way without human supervision.

We automate the Web

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Stealth's and Radar's Echoes allow to record user interactions with the Web and to replay them based on conditions, variables, and in a repeatable manner.

The idea behind Echoes is that they allow to automate every human interaction with Sites, such as filling out Web Forms, entering specific search terms, clicking Buttons or following linked Sites.

Once the necessary threshold for peer-to-peer training data is reached, all Stealth instances can benefit from previously shared Echoes, allowing all its users to automate their own interactions with Sites on the Web.

We understand the Web

Radar, our Knowledge Tracker, is built from scratch and allows to track and persist shared Beacons and Echoes in the peer-to-peer Tholian Network.

Its unique concept allows Human Users to share their Beacons and Echoes with their trusted Peers locally or globally with other Stealth Browsers.

The User Interface and Services allow our registered Users to benefit from existing Adapters for Sites that they want to automate. If a Site was automated already, its Beacons and Echoes are immediately available and synchronized automatically among the Tholian Network.

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